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What the Bucs must do during the bye week to turn things around

Well, the bye week for the Bucs is finally here. After a deflating loss to the Kansas City Chiefs (10-1), the Bucs (7-5) are hoping to regroup. During their time off are hoping to muster something up in the final 4 games if they want to secure the post-season. Here are some things that need to be worked on during the bye week.

"Which direction is this team headed?"

Bucs fans have witnessed the self-destruction of the team in previous years, but will luck finally be on the Bucs side? That will be determined by how this team responds to back-to-back losses. The worst part about those losses is they happened in the confines of Ray Jay. Brady and the Bucs have looked lost for the most part especially within the first halves of those games.

The Bucs so far are averaging just under 29 minutes per game in Time of Possession but the team is witnessing alot of 3-and-outs as they have converted only 43% of their 3rd down conversions. That's not necessarily bad overall but a good chunk of that has been while the Bucs were behind on the scoreboard. That will have to improve within the final four games of the season.

"Who's in charge of calling the plays on offense?"

This is something that critical the Bucs answer before the take the field against Minnesota on December 13th. Bruce Arians has stated the Tom Brady has been calling the plays. If that's the case, is Byron Leftwich in charge of game planning? Things seem way out of whack for a team that's loaded with this much talent on offense to be so stagnant. It almost seems like needs the defense to create the first spark for them to wake up and start playing. And why are we abandoning the run so early in the game? What was the point in having Jones or bringing in Fournette and McCoy if they're hardly going to get touches.

Does Arians really expect Brady to throw the ball 40+ times a game and the successful? Are the down-field shots from a QB known to utilize the short-pass game throughout most of his career worth it?They can not continue to keep this style of play up with they have hope of making it to the post-season. Arians-Leftwich-Brady need to get on the same page before it becomes a disaster.

"When will Tom Brady actually win us a game?"

No, this isn't saying Brady hasn't been under center throughout the last 12 weeks. Simply put, Brady has not put the team on his shoulders and mustered a full-game victory. If you would like to fact check, feel free because I can help you out. Denver, Las Vegas, and Green Bay were all games the the defense mustered turnovers and scores that helped spark the offense. Both Carolina games were dominated by Fournette (Week 2) and Jones (Week 10) on the ground. And finally the LA Chargers and New York Giants games were won on the leg of Ryan Succop.

Again, what I would like to do is see Brady pick this team up when it's needed and bring them to a victory. For a guy who has mustered 47 game-winning drives and 38 fourth quarter comebacks, the Bucs are going to need Brady help right the ship.

"Who kidnapped the real Todd Bowles?"

Dont worry, the real Todd Bowles is fine. What we need to find is where his mind has gone because the defense has been highly suspect. Ever since the season-ending injury to Vita Vea, things have not been the same. The run defense has remained solid for the most part, but lack of pass rush is disturbing.

In the last 2 weeks, the Bucs secondary has surrendered over 800-yards and 6 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. That's absurd considering the Bucs were in the Top 3 in takeaways just a few weeks ago. The lack of coverage due to the lack of pass rush needs to be fixed. The Bucs will not survive in the air-raid attack if they don't start mixing up their schemes along with their making the necessary adjustments.

Next Game:

12/13/20: vs Vikings @1pm

Raymond James Stadium

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