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Opinions are like --- -----, everybody's got one!!

Ask ten, get ten

Ask ten Bucs fans the same question, and you just might get that many answers. It seems so impossible to fathom how it is that people (fans) can possibly be so far apart, on so many things. The comeback that "everyone is entitled to their opinion" is still true, but if that opinion is not based firmly in common sense, rooted in what should be logical and of what is becoming more extinct every day common truth. Than you shouldn't have the right to attempt to infect anyone else with whatever sickness you picked up along the way, that you pass off as your opinion.

A transcendent thing

Of course, the opinion thing transcends any Bucs issue, from politics to religion, to what kind of pirate suit you put your chihuahua or Yorkie in every Sunday during the season. Just for shits and giggles let's examine the biggest difference of opinion for most all Bucs fans. You know folks, the Jameis Winston debate. The one side sees it that Jameis Winston is the second coming of Randall Cunningham or Warren Moon. The huge passing stats he can throw up in a game are like mainlining Heroin for them. It's all they see, it's all they will allow themselves to see or are able to.

Winston colored glasses

They believe with all that greatness Jameis has, he can learn to stop the huge interception totals, and be left with just the greatness. They don't quite get it that he had 5 seasons to get a handle on it. They don't see that even the quarterback whisperer couldn't do a thing for him in that regard, need proof? Okay, the team picked up the option year on his contract and told him under no uncertain terms that this was his prove-it season. Overcome and move beyond the problem and you will have yourself a fat contract waiting for you to sign. Fail to do so, and don't let the door hit you ..............! With that warning, what did Mr. Winston do to save himself from himself? Why he simply went out and threw more interceptions than anyone since six years before Jameis was even born.

Gone as gone can get

That's why I wrote an article for before the London, Tottenham Stadium implosion game was even finished. I said in that piece that Jameis was as good as gone. The Bucs would not bring him back, his career in Tampa was over on that day. 5 interceptions and a fumble lost had slammed the door on his "prove-it" season. I was told to tweak the article title by removing a part of it that said the Bucs would be letting him go at years end. I can understand why I was told that. It was my "opinion", and not a fact yet. Still, I hit it dead on the head with that "opinion".

Holding misplaced emotions against the Bucs

HIs prove-it season wasn't all about throwing for 5,000 yards, and 30 plus touchdowns. It was about not throwing a bunch of interceptions. Neither he nor his supporters understand that premise. Not only does Jameis and his minions not get it, but Winston also holds it against Tampa for letting him go. Which of course caused him to lead that silly, juvenile, and in bad taste post-game victory dance video that he was hopping around in and showing his ass for all to see.

A flaw he cannot shake

Those of us that wanted him gone and knew he would understand that a quarterback who has a very strong tendency to throw multiple interceptions in almost every game he plays is a liability that the team could no longer move forward with. I am certain that Tom Brady taking over and managing/protecting the football correctly all the way to a home-field Super-Bowl victory in his first year in Tampa proves that. While it's true Winston did not have as many weapons as Brady did. His 5,000 yards and 33 touchdowns prove he really didn't need more. Had Winston only thrown half the interceptions he did in 2019. Which is still three more than Brady did this past season, the Bucs would have made the playoffs. Jameis would have gotten his contract, and Brady might have won the Colts, or the Browns a title this past season.

Same input, different output

My point is that we all watched the same games, saw the same mistakes, and the same positives. Yet the two sides saw things completely different. One side though is grounded in hard truth and facts, the other is banking on things not yet seen. Opinions can be wrong, and often are. We all have the right to believe the way we see fit. Posting those beliefs, and calling them opinions does not give you carte blanch. You must still defend those opinions with solid thinking, and correctness. You can want something to be different than what the reality is. There is nothing wrong with that until it affects the truth of the situation.

Self-awareness is vital to being taken as legitimate

Probably the most under-rated quality a person can have is the ability to see themselves as others do. The ability to step outside of the all-consuming "I'm always right" death blow. It's a concrete, brick-and-mortar fact that most people do not have the ability to be self-aware. Being un-self-aware is a protection mechanism to protect the ways a person believes so as not to change the affected beliefs that the person holds up as correct or true, when in fact they are the opposite. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, yet most are just wasting away. It is exceptional for a person to be self-aware. In my opinion it is the most important quality a person can own. It sets you apart from your peers and lifts you above the mainstream.

In closing

You are only as good as your level of self-awareness will allow you to be. The opposite of self-awareness is closed-mindedness and selfishness. So keep in mind next time you are in an argument with someone. Whether it is a Bucs subject, politics, or the quality of tea in China. Throwing your argument into the, it's my opinion, so it isn't the wrong line of thinking is most often incorrect, and just a way of avoiding admitting you are wrong. Do yourself and everyone around you a huge favor. Start to be more critical with yourself, and develop the ability to see your argument for what it truly may be. A huge load of B.S. to avoid admitting the truth of the matter. Opinions are like A-Holes, we all got em. The amount of respect you receive for yours is all dependent on your level of self-awareness in all matters. Get you some. Go Bucs!!

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