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USF Bulls: Another Loss with Many Questions

Well, we got an answer for how the USF Bulls after having a week off since their last game. The Bulls were coming off a 52-0 thumping by the Norte Dame Fighting Irish. This game would be the first conference game in 2020. It would be on the road against the Cincinnati Bearcats. The Bearcats come in were favored to win the conference along with UCF Knights and Memphis Tigers. Many thought this might game that the Bulls would get back on track. There are still things that coach Jeff Scott must work out. The biggest question was who would be starting quarterback? After this game, the question is still unknown. Which leaves USF as a one-dimensional team on offense. In my opinion, thy cannot win games that way. Teams can line up for the running game and win. The last two years against Cincinnati should have been winners.

USF Bulls did have more passing yards than rushing yards in this game. They almost had 300 coming in at 291 of total yards. In the air, they had 209 yards. Once again it was Jordan McCloud leading the way. He was 12/21 for 137 yards and two interceptions. The next one up is Katravis Marsh he went 6/13 for 39 yards and three interceptions. This is not what they needed. In the end, three quarterbacks threw a pass the other was Cade Fortin who went 2/6 for 14 yards. Some say that McCloud and Marsh are holding the position until Fortin is ready. I am not sure that is the case. I believe it is time for coach Scott to decide before they play the ECU Pirates coming up this Saturday.

The running game outside of the two quarterbacks that made the stat sheet. It was Leonard Parker, Kelly Joiner, and Johnny Ford. They only combined for 83 yards. The one bright moment is they scored the only touchdown for the USF Bulls. The Bulls did not score until the third quarter. That meant they had not scored a point in six straight quarters. The offense has not been good. The one touchdown came from Johnny Ford who had 9 carries for 12 yards. I think his offense is in turmoil. When the running game is not working as it did in this game you can see what happens. The offense will need to get better or wins will be very few this year.

The defense played well. They caused four turnovers and gave the offense a chance to get some revenge from last year. That did not happen the offense would get zero points off of those four turnovers. This game should have been much closer than the result. Just like a year ago, the Bearcats did just enough to win. I know many will say they won by 21 points. I look at this game as a learning tool for how not to play. The USF Bulls need to wake up because this season is getting away fast. I know they are young and have a rookie head coach but things need to get better as early as next week.

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