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USF Bulls: A Great Win over Citadel

The Jeff Scott era began for the USF Bulls this past Saturday night. It took place on a rainy night. Kickoff for the game was 7 PM EST. There were no fans in the stands and very few media members in attendance. The Bulls were hosting the Citadel Bulldogs. The Citadel had a good season in 2019. The season was all up in the air because of the coronavirus. Coach Scott came into as a rookie head coach after leaving Clemson which is coached by Dabo Sweeny. Scott was a co-offense coordinator for Clemson's recent national championships. He took over a team that finished 4-8 under Charlie Strong. Strong tenure ended on a bad note. Normally the band plays the national anthem while on the field they filmed it and play it on the jumbo Tron. The Bulls started their season off of the right foot.

won the coin toss and deferred. That means we got to see the Citadel Bulldogs offense. Led by quarterback Brandon Rainey. The Bulldogs run an option style offense. This offense can keep even the best of defenses on their toes. Rainey led the Bulldogs down the field and they took an early 3-0 lead. After that, the Bulls and Bulldogs would go back forth. Late in the quarter, Jordan McCloud would throw a 10-yard pass DeVontre Dukes to get the first score in the Jeff Scott era. The Bulls would take a 7-3 lead. Midway through the 2nd quarter, the Bulldogs would have another successful drive that once again ended with three points and made the score 7-6. This would be the closest the Bulldogs would ever be to the Bulls and the lead for the rest of the game.

One of the weirdest plays to happen in college football happened in the 2nd quarter. As the Bulldogs failed to get the first down it was fourth down. They took a delay of game penalty that sent back five yards. After that occurred the punter fumbled the snap and while in the end zone trying to pick it up. He picked it up only for it to go off the side of his foot and for Omarion Dollison to catch it. It went down as zero yard punt return the shortest in NCAA history. The Bulls took a 13-6 lead after Trent Schneider missed the extra point. A short time after that the Bulls drove down and had Noah Johnson score a nine-yard touchdown run. This time Schneider made the point and the Bulls took a 20-6 lead. That was the score going into halftime.

This was about the time the Bulls defense led by KJ Sails but the hammer down. The Bulldogs struggled on offense for the rest of the game. The Bulls defense knock passes away, had sacks, and forced turnovers. The next score would not come until the later stages of the 4th quarter. It would be another rushing touchdown by Kelley Joiner for three yards out. That ran the score to 27-6. Another special team miscue for the Bulldogs as a muffed punt gave the Bulls another good feeling. Overall the one thing I saw as problems where the offensive line and rotating quarterbacks. The offense was balanced and ran mostly no-huddle. The defense played strong and this was the game that Coach Scott needed. It was a great start now they will take the mishaps and get ready to travel to Notre Dame to play the Fighting Irish.

What are your thoughts on the USF Bulls win over the Citadel? Leave your comments below.

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