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USF Bulls: A Blowout Loss to the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

The USF Bulls have now lost five games in a row. They are a total mess. The question that has been asked is who that starting quarterback was. At this point, there is no answer to that question. This past Friday night against the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes that was very reliant. The Bulls started by receiving the ball after Tulsa won the toss. In this game, the Bulls never had control of the game. I know I have said this in the past that they are a young team with a rookie head coach. But enough is enough this team is just not that good. Coach Jeff Scott has a lot of work to do. The offense is a mess and the defense has been a question in the past few weeks. The Bulls have four games left and they may not win any of them.


The biggest problem has when you have no leader of the offense it makes it hard to score points. Once again the USF Bulls only scored 13. The major reason why is because of turnovers. In this game against the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes, they had three. Both of them came at the wrong time. The one that quarterback Noah Johnson had was horrible. The Bulls were driving to close in the first half and had a chance to get closer to Tulsa. He fumbled and Tulsa took over and the rest is history. The Bulls were 2 for 15 on third down which means they did not score when they had the ball. With the quarterback carousel continuing this is how we will see the Bulls offense will be until something changes. Did I mention the one interception that was thrown was a pick-six.


This at times this year has been the bright spot of the team. Maybe the only good thing is that Tulsa did not win when it came to time possession. The Golden Hurricanes only had the ball for 28:33. On the other hand, they had 462 total yards. On top of that 35 of 42 points that Tulsa scored the only seven from an interception. The biggest play they allowed was a 62-yard run by Deneric Prince. This play right after the Bulls has narrowed the margin to just eight points. In my opinion, this is where the game came unglued. The USF defense was out there for a long time because Tulsa was 7 for 12 of the third-down conversions. This defense will be tested in the weeks to come.

Special Teams

Other than all-black uniforms and gold helmets this might have been the best part of the game for the USF Bulls. Jared Sackett was two for three on his field-goal attempts and KJ Sails had a 60-yard punt return. That was it other than the one offensive touchdown. This has been an issue as well in past. Missing field goals and extra points. Let us hope that whatever happens everything gets turned around for USF Bulls. Maybe Jeff Scott's plan is to just play for next year. Either ay the game against the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes was not good and the fact that they have still not won a conference game is also bad. They will have this week off to think about everything.

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