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Stop Complaining

It doesn't matter how much things change, some things remain the same. Since the inception of quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski, it seems some fans created high hopes for production.

Brady, in the first two weeks, has the Bucs sitting at 1-1 after a 31-17 win at home. He's passed for 456 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions and there have been mixed emotions on that but in respects, it's understandable.

In regards to Gronkowski, when he came to Tampa via trade, it was expected. When the Bucs traded for the rights to Gronk, he was retired and the WWE 24/7 champion. When Gronkowski retired at the end of 2017, he made it clear that it was due to the wear and tear on his body and mind. When Gronk arrived in Tampa, many fans believed that he was automatically going to be the Rob Gronkowski that helped Brady lead the Patriots to 3 Super Bowl titles in 5 years. Everyone expected him to automatically become a terror for opposing defenses, and in respects, he has been.

He's been absent for the most part, predominantly being used for an extra blocker. Gronkowski, only has 1 reception for 7 yards, which has fans questioning "is he even worth paying the $10-million dollar salary?"My answer? Shut up, it's only Week 3. I could understand if we were losing or our offense looked horrible but truth is, he's done what he's being asked. Does he look the Gronk of old on routes? Absolutely not, but what differs here from New England, OTHER WEAPONS! If you're complaining about Gronk not meeting your expectations, maybe you should examine where yourself.

If you're overlooking Fournette's 100-yards rushing and two touchdowns, or overshadowing our defense showing up but slacking off as the game progressed, maybe you should just expect to be let down each week because Gronk will be used to block before he's deployed to catch passes. Maybe if Donovan Smith did his job and blocked, maybe Gronk would be allowed to run routes more. Hell, watch the routes he has completed--one lead to an interception and while the others he is covered.

My advice to fans, just stop complaining about things that aren't worth it. Stop acting like a Karen and enjoy the fact we have something special brewing in Tampa. Gronk may have been insanely good a few years ago, that old-party boy wasn't ready for the Florida heat. Enjoy what we have going on because once we raise the Lombardi in February, none of this will even matter.


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