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Fantasy Football Hour Draft Recap

With the completion of Fantasy Football Hour's Inaugural Draft, it was for sure a long, tedious draft for sure. Thankfully, this is a season involving learning because 16-teams is definitely a beast of its own. One thing is for sure, 2020 has provided that this will be anything but "normal".

Stay tuned for the Fantasy Football Hour Labor Day Special, hosted by League Commissioner and Fantasy Football Hour host BucDad as we recap Friday's Draft LIVE streaming on Fantasy Football Hour and Crüe Life Official Facebook Group. Below is the Draft Recap from Friday night's draft for rounds 1-5. (Note: Rds 6-16 will be recapped LIVE tonight on Fantasy Football Hour at 10 pm on Crue Life Official Facebook group)

Round One:

1.C. McCaffery, RB, CAR (E-Moe Buc)

2. L. Jackson, QB, BAL (Neb. Corn)

3. S. Barkley, RB, NYG (Skully WAG)

4. A. Kamara, RB, NO (BucDad)

5. E. Elliot, RB, DAL (NFC South)

6. P. Mahomes, QB, KC (Buc Flair)

7. D. Henry, RB, TEN (Mixon Admin)

8. D. Cook, RB, MIN (Cali Kutthroat)

9. C. Edwards-Helaire,RB, KC(Rassa)*

10. N. Chubb, RB, CLE (Chris Ace)

11. M.Thomas, WR, NO (216 Land)

12. M. Sanders, RB, PHI (SP Bandit)

13. M. Evans, WR, TB (Bucs Lady)

14. A. Jones, RB, GB (Ballin Cody)

15. J. Jones, WR, ATL (Fly Eaglez)

16. C. Godwin, WR, TB (BucNRight)

Round Two:

1. T. Brady, QB, TB (BucNRight)

2. J. Jacobs, RB. LV (Fly Eaglez)

3. J. Mixon, RB, CIN (Ballin Cody)

4. T. Gurley, RB, ATL (Bucs Lady)

5. K. Drake, RB, ARI (SP Bandit)

6. D. Adams, WR, GB (216Land)

7. T. Hill, WR, KC (Chris Ace)

8. D. Hopkins, WR, ARI (Rassa)

9. A. Ekeler, RB, LAC (Cali Kutthroat)

10. T. Kelce, TE, KC (Mixon Admin)

11. A. Cooper, WR, DAL (Buc Flair)

12. G. Kittle, TE, SF (NFL South)

13. L. Fournette, RB, TB (BucDad)

14. K. Golladay, WR, DET (Skully)

15. C. Carson, RB, SEA (Neb. Corn)

16. A. Robinson II, WR, Chi (E-Moe)

Round Three:

1. C. Kupp, WR, LAR (E-Moe)

2. A. Thielen, WR, MIN (Neb. Corn)

3. D. Moore, WR, CAR (Skully WAG)

4. C. Ridley, WR, ATL (BucDad)

5. J. Smith-Schuster, WR, PIT (NFC)

6. J. Conner, RB, PIT (Buc Flair)

7. D. Watson, QB, HOU (Mixon Ad)

8. A. Brown, WR, TEN (Cali Kutthroat)

9. D. Prescott, QB, DAL (Rassa)

10. D. Johnson, RB, HOU (Chris Ace)

11. O. Beckham, WR, CLE (216 Land)

12. C. Sutton, AR, DEN (SP Bandit)

13. R. Wilson, QB, SEA (Bucs Lady)

14. L. Bell, RB, NYJ (Ballin Cody)

15. Z. Ertz, TE, PHI (Fly Eaglez)

16. C. Brate, TE, TB (BucNRight)*

Round Four:

1. O. Howard,TE, TB (BucNRight)

2. D. Metcalf, WR, SEA (Fly Eaglez)

3. R. Woods, WR, LAR (Ballin' Cody)

4. T. Lockett, WR, SEA (Bucs Lady)

5. M. Andrews, TE, BAL (SP Bandit)

6. M. Gordon, RB, DEN (216Land)

7. J. Taylor, RB, IND (Chris Ace)

8. C. Akers, RB, LAR (Rassa)

9. K. Murray, QB, ARI (Cali Kutthroat)

10. K. Allen, WR, LAC (Mixon Admin)

11. D. Singletary, RB, BUF (Buc Flair)

12. T. Hilton, WR, IND (NFC South)

13. S. Diggs, WR, BUF (BucDad)

14. T. McLaurin, WR, WAS (Skully)

15. D. Parker, WR, MIA (Neb. Pirate)

16. J. Landry, WR, CLE (E-Moe Buc)

Round Five:

1. K. Hunt, RB, CLE (E-Moe Buc)

2. D. Charm Jr.,TE, JAX (Neb. Pirate)

3. D. Swift, RB, DET (Skully WAG)

4. C.Newton, QB, NE (BucDad)

5. D. Montgomery, RB, GB (NFC So)

6. R. Gronkowski, TE, TB (Buc Flair)*

7. T. Boyd, WR, CIN (Mixon Admin)

8. J. Jeudy, WR, DEN (Cali Kutthroat)

9. M. Gallup, WR, DAL (Rassa)

10. A. Green, WR, CIN (Chris Ace)

11. D. Brees, QB, NO (216Land)

12. R. Mostert, RB, SF (SP Bandits)

13. Buccaneers, D/ST (Bucs Lady)*

14. M. Brown, WR, BAL (Ballin Cody)*

15. C. Wentz, QB, PHI (Fly Eaglez)

16. K. Vaughn, RB, TB (BucNRight)*

* considered a sleeper pick in most 12+ team formats

What grade did your team receive? Find out tomorrow at 5 pm as Fantasy Football Hour presents "What's Your Grade?" presented by BucDad, as he will be joined by a special guest as we sit down and grade all 16 team's picks.

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C4L Productions/BucDad OneOfOne

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