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Check your stat sheets: the Bucs weren't ballin'

It's been a long week for Bucs fans after a demoralizing division loss to the Saints last Sunday. Although it's time to focus in the Carolina Panthers, it's hard though to digest such horrible play by a team deemed as "Super Bowl Contenders".

What makes it so difficult is the horrendous play-calling or lack of for that matter by second-year coordinators, Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles.

Before we move on and preview the matchup with the Carolina Panthers, let's clear the air on who all is to blame during last Sunday's embarrassment and what needs to happen in order to right the ship.

Tom Brady

I GET IT! Everyone has a bad game, but it doesn't warrant them a pass. Did he have a bad game? Abso-damn-lutely, but part of being the leader is taking blame for your faults, and ALL 3 interceptions were indeed his fault.

The Winstoneer's are correct, had this been Jameis Winston, some fans would still be the driver of the bus in benching him and that's why it hurt those critics to see him enter the game and "eating W's" during the post-game.

Another issue I seen during the loss was the lack of dump off to the open backs. I can't fault the quarterback for the play-call in general, but the unnecessary shots down field and forced throws to Antonio Brown were not working but yet continued to happen.

My advice for the Carolina game when it comes to Brown and targets, they don't need to be forced. There's too much talent on the offense to limit it to just one main person.

Todd Bowles

Now when we talk about bad games, we need to have that same energy for the defense and the guy in charge of it. Going into a game knowing the opposing quarterback is known to carve up opposing zone schemes with given time, why Bowles set back and coached flat is beyond me.

Not everything was all bad per say but going down 21-0 in the first quarter is unacceptable. A Shaq Barrett sack that led to a fumble, that was the highlight. No interceptions, no defensive touchdowns. Nothing but head-scratching and confusion. Allowing a utility player such as Taysom Hill carve us up for 123 all-purpose yards was more than just heart-wrenching, it was embarrassing.

Carolina only has one player that has talents of Kamara and Hill; luckily for the Bucs, Christian McCaffrey is out with a shoulder injury. Let's not forget the week 2 siege the Bucs brought to Carolina, bolstering 5 sacks, 2 INTs, and 2 FFs. It'll be in Bowles' best interest to go back to what was working the first 8 weeks with getting in quarterback's face and disrupt the offensive gameplans.

Byron Leftwich/Bruce Arians

Again bad days happen, but being out-coached when you have one of the best offense's in the league leaves very little room for excuses. One place where blame should be placed is on Offensive Coordinator, Byron Leftwich, and his lack of play-calling abilities.

When you run an offense that's been averaging 92.1 yards per game and just over 23 attempts per game, why you designed a gameplan that included 5 total rush attempts still baffles me. I understand the gameplan changes giving up an early lead, but to abandon something that is designed to help open up thhe pass is stupid. I understand Joe Haeg was replacing Ali Marpet but damn, run the ball.

Bruce was added to this list for the sole fact that all game he looked completely lost.

Some even compared it to the "deer in the headlight" look. How the head coach doesn't take play-calling responsibility over when what's planned isn't working is beyond me.

How are you considered one of the best play-calling coaches in the league and not call one single play? I know Arians didn't return to call plays but sometimes the Captain needs to take the wheel if the ship is out of control.

CAROLINA! Y'all on the clock

This week, the Bucs look to rebound and get back on track against another divisional foe, the Kittens of Carolina.

As mentioned earlier, they'll be without Christian McCaffery, the Bucs defense needs to focus on containing Teddy Bridgewater, Mike Davis, and Robby Anderson if they want to win.

What's your prediction for Sunday? Do you feel both sides can rebound?


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