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Detroit journalist calls Bucs "bush league" for running up score vs Detroit

The Bucs completely thrashed the Detroit Lions 47-7 to improve to 10-5 and clinch a playoff berth for the first time in 13 years (12 seasons for those keeping count).

Following the game, Detroit Free Press journalist Carlos Monarrez, called the Bucs win "bush league" due to the fact that the Lions went down 34-0 by halftime. Tom Brady went completely ape-shit on a Detroit team that was ravaged due to COVID, missing most of their coaching staff. In the first half alone, Brady was 22/27 for 348 yards, 4 touchdowns along with zero interceptions while posting a "perfect" passer rating of 158.3 (2nd time Brady has posted a perfect passer rating against the Lions and the first time since 2017 when the Patriots routed the Titans 59-0).

📷: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mr. Monarrez, I believe I speak for the entire Tampa Bay fan base in saying, "Maybe instead of complaining about the score, focus more on the fact it could have been alot worse" Brady has been electric since halftime of the Bucs Week 15 game vs the Falcons, throwing for 600+ yards and 6 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

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Credit: Detroit Free Press, Carlos Monarrez

Also, instead of complaining about Mike Evans and Gronk continuing to be in the game, ask your team why they didn't scheme to contain either player? Ask yourself would you still be complaining had the roles been reversed? I think not sir.

Trust me, 13 years without a postseason in Tampa, we feel your pain but understand what was needed to be done to move forward with out franchise. My advice, maybe invest in some quality depth on both sides come free-agency and draft time.



Yahoo! Sports Article covering the Detroit Free Press article:

"The Tampa Bay Buccaneers running up the score on the Detroit Lions was bush league. Deep passes, key players still in the game late was unnecessary."

-Carlos Monarrez, Detroit Free Press (12/26/2020)


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