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Can the roster translate to production?

The 2020 off-season in Tampa Bay has been one that will be talked for years to come. Fans will be sharing how this was one of the most "off the wall" years ever. Only in Bucs Country can we sign the "G.O.A.T." Tom Brady, trade for Rob Gronkowski, sign LeSean McCoy, and land a top-tier running back on the upside of his prime Leonard Fournette. This is indeed the type of roster you see built on Madden with the salary cap turned off. In simple terms, "The Brady Effect".

For the first time in a long time, the Bucs have a positive problem when it comes to which backs to keep and who to part ways with. Indeed, I did predict Ronald Jones II to be the odd man out. Head Coach Bruce Arians stated that the starting job was Jones' to lose, it's still hard to truly believe that when he has made those same sentiments in the past with roster moves. It would indeed be non-sense to release Jones since he still is on his rookie contract, I do though predict he could be used as trade bait.

Many are claiming that McCoy would be the one along with Calais to be cut, but I beg to differ especially when McCoy is a back that may be on the downside of his career, still can be more productive out of the backfield as a check down back compared to Jones. It has been documented that Jones has been working in the off-season and during camp on his receiving skills but when feet are held to the fire, who would you feel more confident throwing that check-down pass to? When a first down is needed and a back is asked to catch a pass and move the chains, McCoy has been proven to be a more reliable option.

With teams required to have their rosters down to 53-players by Saturday at 5 pm, it's just hard to believe a team with the "WIN NOW" mentality ran by a coach who's philosophy is "No Risk It No Biscuit" is going to choose a player still trying to gain his footing after 3 years over a vet who has been around 10 years with a Super Bowl ring. One thing is for sure, with this Fantasy Football Dream Team offense, it better translate to wins because Bucs fans are tired of seeing an All-Star type roster come up short every year. It's time for our playoff drought to come to an end because it's "Super Bowl or Bust" in 2020.

Photo credit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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