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Bucs issues need to land on Bruce Arians lack of accountability within himself

With a matchup against the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs in under 48 hours, things are going to need to change for the Bucs if they plan on winning. But it'll have to extend after their Week 13 bye

With a 7-4 record, the Bucs are better than last season but statistically (outside of turnovers), they have regressed compared to last season. Play-calling is still suspect. As of last week, Brady was sitting with a 0-for-19 mark on passes of 20-or-more yards. Why continue pressing the issue of deep passes when the "dink and dunk" method have been working?

In this writer's opinion, the Bucs seem to have been pressing the issue of passing deep to Antonio Brown in hope that he does what helped him establish himself as a top receiver. Why do that when you already had guys like Scotty Miller already establishing big play ability? Why continue to be predictable and vanilla in your play-calling? If Brady was calling his own plays, why allow him full reigns when he's still in the learning year of the system?

Didn't Byron struggle last season in his first season with this same playbook and he had familiarity as a player previously in Arians system?--As Bucs fans we should demand better.

Arians mentioned "continuity" in his press conference earlier this week; he was looking at the wrong side of the ball to find it as the defense has continued to struggle since they lost Vita Vea a several weeks ago.

Todd Bowles' defense as been so suspect over the last several weeks with the lack of pack rush and continued playing of the zone scheme. Again, Bowles seems to have the inability to adjust his gameplan once the game gets under way and it shows.

Accountability is needed--Asking these tough questions or making these types of assessments doesn't mean you aren't a real fan. It seems one thing remains in Buc Nation, the fan base remains divided. For one moment though, we should be able to agree that Bruce Arians needs to be held accountable for his lack of action when the moment calls for it.

Instead of calling out players and/or personnel, maybe he should call himself out and actually be a head coach because this week, he's going against one of the very best in Andy Reid on Sunday.


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